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The right query! 

to find the land real estate you are looking for in Hungary.

Why we share this?

This is a public information and accessible on this page of the Hungarian Government. As our parents went into the Town hall office every month to check which properties are offered, this is now fully available on the internet. Only the format is hard to digest.

We run an update on the governmental central database every week. We share all the information in a structured geotagged way, which makes it easier to query, and assess.
All the data we share is with good intention and with the trust that it will help hungarian farmers spend more time on their business development and less in the town hall offices.
As we collect data administrated by humans, error is a factor which needs to be considered in the assessment. 

The report do not show items which has no geotagging information.

Enjoy your search....

Quick User Guide:

Use the date filters on the top left to find relevant time frame.


Select your main interest by:

  • type of offer (sale or rent)

  • main property type (land, building, etc...)

  • main area of interest. This could be selected by the city name or by drawing on the map. Use the top left drawing options on the map to ensure your search is in your interest area.

the bottom table will provide all details based on your selection. You can visit the official website to download the legal documents by clicking the last column link.  

Contact us if you want to hear more

If you are looking for alert, specific area monitoring, or just to track your neighbouring properties, we could help.

Thanks for submitting!

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