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mYdentification Card

mYdentification NFC card design logo

 Our card is leveraging the NFC technology to ease the contact card sharing for all of us. Today contactless technology enables us to stop using paper cards with our contact details.
Thanks to this technology your contact will look as you wish at all your future partners phone.



Business Lunch

mYdentification USERS GUIDE

1. touch your card to the back of the phone of your partner. Move the card slowly from the center of the phone to the top.
mYdentification NFC Card reading
2. A weblink notification will appear on partner's phone.
NFC popup of mYdentification card information
QRCode Reading of the mYdentification card
3. After your partner click on the web url, contact details and Business Card button show up. Ask your partner to click on Business Card.
Personalised URL for your digital namecard
4. The vCard will load on the phone and give update options to the partner. 
ContactCard preview in apple device


The card reader phone's owner has to decide how to add the contact details in his contact list (Create New, Update Existing) without this final choice of click the vCard won't be saved on the phone.

Image by Toa Heftiba

NFC Reader positions

Today all contactless payment is managed with an NFC reader / writer. Therefor most of our phones are already equipped to read contact details, links, and several NFC standard information.
We created this simplistic guide for our users to now which part of the phone they should target to get the mYdentification card information on their partners phone. 

mYdentification card reading sensor Apple devices

Position your mYdentifictaion Card on the top of the phone's back, you can hold it almost at the top side of the phone at any angle.
Slight movements are improving the data transfer.

mYdentification card reading sensor Android devices

Position your mYdentifictaion Card on the back side of the phone around the camera. Move the card close to the back and move it paralel with the phone up and down.

The average transmission time is vary by phone in the range of 0-4 second. The time could be shorten if the card is closer to the reader. Th minimum distance from the reader is 1 cm. Our general advice for a better reading experience is to move the card slightly from the center of the phone to the top while the card is touching the phone.
The cards won't read if the phone is not awake although it does not require to be unlocked to access the link pop up. 

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