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Digital Tools

Work like a multinational company

We are constantly working to create automated tools in the Microsoft 365 Environment which enables Small Companies leveraging full automation and User right management.

SALES Tracker

We started our collaboration with Albamilagro Hungary Kft. to design a management decision supporting system for B2C distributors, dealers, or suppliers maintaining an active sales team with multiple product lines.
We enjoyed each minute of the discussion with them learned a lot about their business and have tons of fun while we finalize a standardized solution.

SALES Tracker report.jpg

Expense Report

If you have employees you will face with Expenses.
Each Company and country has a slightly different set of rules on what could be reimbursed, who could approve expenses, and how frequently they should be recorded.
Not talking about the complexity of gathering all invoice hard copy to be checked, and stored.


We offer a flexible solution to review design company fitted approval and administration frames in a simple PowerApps designed application.

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