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Our commitment

What wakes us up in the morning?

 At mYields we believe we can learn something new every day. We focus on agriculture, that's what our fathers did and with innovative ideas we try to approach it a little differently.

 We integrate and leverage all the potential digital technologies - Satellites, UAV, Microsoft services, App Store - to create smoother, leaner processes and tools for Farmers of Today... and Tomorrow

Farmers of tomorrow
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OUR Brands

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Preserve agricultural land for the next generation

 Can you identify those parts of your field which decrease your Yield? 

Your fields are rarely homogenous, therefore we advise you on:

- determine more precisely the lower soil potential areas of your field, the optimal input needs of the different areas

- optimise your production technology which best suits for the soil capacity

We provide a decade long analysis for your fields. We divide your field into zones, which can help you to start a more sustainable and profitable production technology.


FOCUS on what matters in YOUR business


How many excel sheets do you have to open per day?

How many times do you find a mistake in a spreadsheet which makes you start everything all over again?

We provide small and mid-size business administration and dataflow support. We review your current databases and business processes and offer you the most beneficial one to invest in and develop.

 Limit human mistakes and focus on reports instead of data. Take the right business decision.

Image by Scott Graham
NFC card usage for mYdetification service


Small things can have huge impacts


 This project is a great demonstration to our commitment for digitalisation. Looking on the pace of change in data transfer to collaborate, and share information will transform the world as we know it.
We start small, but we hope it will have a huge impact. We start with Business cards sharing through NFC technology, but we already think about the future potential.

Will we be able to share product data with our field machinery over the air while we fill our machine? Could we find a way to build hive communication methods for drones and robots?
Time will tell...

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